Robert Gaynes M.D.

HEALTH 385 (4 credit units)

Course Description:

This course will examine the emergence of Western scientific medicine and the role played by 19th century Paris as the center of modern medicine. From the rise of hospitals, the Parisian school of medicine that developed following the French Revolution, the development of the germ theory of disease in France, and Paris' role in the history of neurology and mental health, we will profile individuals and events responsible, directly or indirectly, for some of the greatest paradigm shifts in medical thought.  

Robert Gaynes, MD is Professor of Medicine/Infectious Diseases in the Emory University School and Medicine, where he teaches the History of Medicine.  He previously worked for over 20 years at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. He serves on the Executive Committee of the Academy of Medical Educators and is an Award-winning author of the book, Germ Theory: Medical Pioneers in Infectious Diseases. This course fulfills either a descriptive requirement for the human health major; or a category III interdisciplinary perspectives course for the global health minor.

Summer 2018 Courses

June 29-August 3, 2018

French Perspectives on Health and Well-Being (HLTH 385/FREN 361/ANT 385)  (4 cu) Instructor: Michelle Lampl, PhD, MD

The French are ‘healthier’ while doing a better job of controlling health care costs. What is the nature of this health gap? What is health? How are the French different?

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