Dr. Cassandra L. Quave is an ethnobotanist whose work is focused on the documentation and analysis of botanical remedies used in the treatment of infectious disease. Trained as a medical ethnobotanist, her expertise and interests include the complementary and alternative medical practices of the Mediterranean, and  the botanical sources of anti-infectives. For detailed information about Dr. Quave's research, please visit http://etnobotanica.us.

Dr. Quave plays a pivotal role in the Center for the Study of Human Health as the Co-Director of the Laboratory for Human Health at Emory University. Here she conducts research on anti-biofilm treatments using Mediterranean medicinal plants, providing mentorship to a number of undergraduate and affiliated researchers in the lab. Additionally, Dr. Quave shares her research interests with undergraduates by teaching a number of courses on topics such as medical enthobotany and integrative health.

Ethnobotany and Human Health

human health

Dr. Quave leads the Center's research on medical ethnobotany by combining laboratory and ethnographic techniques.

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Undergraduate Research

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Through the Center, undergraduates have the specific opportunity to conduct independent ethnobotany research.

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