Emory Alcohol and Lung Biology Center

The mission of the center is to investigate the mechanisms by which chronic alcohol abuse renders patients susceptible to acute lung inquiry, and to develop novel treatments that can reduce the morbidity and mortality of this devastating syndrome.

Center for Mind, Brain, and Culture

The Center's mission is to foster inquiry, research, and teaching from multiple explanatory perspectives concerning issues and phenomena associated with mind, brain, and culture and their relations. Such inter-disciplinary exchange will:  1) inform faculty and student research, 2) contribute to curricula, and 3) lead to a wide variety of research projects that develop, explore, compare, and, when possible, integrate explanations from multiple analytical levels.

Center for Behavioral Neuroscience

Through programs such as our Brain Camps for middle school, Institute on Neuroscience for high school, and BRAIN for undergraduates, we have created a unique pipeline approach to educating and training the next generation of neuroscientists. The National Science Foundation has lauded the Center's public education program as "truly impressive in bringing science to the people." The Center fas established in 1998 by a grant from the Robert W. Woodruff Foundation. In November 1999, it became one of the National Science Foundation's Science and Technology Centers and expanded to include seven institutions in Atlanta, Georgia (Georgia State University, Emory University, Georgia Institute of Technology, Morehouse School of Medicine, and the three schools in the Atlanta University Center: Clark Atlanta University, Morehouse College, and Spelman College) and other community partner organizations.

Center for Creativity and Arts

The center encourages student involvement with the arts both as participants and audience, provides support for creative research projects, advocates for facilities on campus that support the various disciplines and allows interdisciplinary exploration, engages a lively array of visiting artists, artists in residence and commissioned work, and explores the nature of creativity through research, symposia, and conversations.

Center for Health Discovery and Well Being

The Center is part of a groundbreaking partnership between Emory and Georgia Tech called the Predictive Health Institute. These 21st-century teams are working to discover and develop predictive markers of health and well being, and to then create innovative new health-focused approaches – health for the greater good.

Fox Center for Humanistic Inquiry

The Bill and Carol Fox Center for Humanistic Inquiry is a focal point for humanities endeavors at Emory University and serves to advance research and teaching, overall, in the humanities. The FCHI serves both those trained in the humanities and also others in the University who are interested in humanistic issues.

University Initiatives

Get Involved in Health

Emory has a number of structured initiatives that unite the University through a common goal to promote research related to health and well-being.

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Programs and Projects

Get Involved in Health

These programs and projects offer a guided pathway for students who are interested in a liberal arts education rooted in the health sciences.

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Emory University and Neighboring Institutions

Study Health in Atlanta

Through Emory, Atlanta offers numerous other educational opportunities to our students through neighboring institutions.

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Academic Tools for Success

Helping Students Excel

By helping students to access the plethora of tools provided through Emory University, our students can advance the science of health.

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