Programs and Projects

Applied History of Health and Health Sciences
The Applied History of Health and Health Sciences (AHHHS) program was established in September 1997 under the auspices of The Center for Health, Culture, and Society at Emory University and is committed to the dual proposition that medical knowledge should be placed in historical and cultural perspective and that historical and cultural methods and context serve as essential tools for research and intervention in the health sciences.

Kawasaki Disease Research Project
The team, Including Emory faculty, collected a variety of data including historical records of clinical cases and autopsy reports. Because KD was only recently recognized, first-hand accounts are available from those involved in its "discovery." We conducted a series of KD-focused interviews with pediatricians, pathologists, and medical researchers from Japan, North America, and Europe. Topics covered in these open-ended interviews included a recollection of the person's earliest clinical observations, their histories of research into the characteristics and the etiology of the syndrome, and their professional conversations about it.

Emory Mind-Body Program
The Emory University Mind-Body Program in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences is a central resource for individuals interested in clinical and basic science research on mind-body interactions at Emory University. Visitors are invited to meet Emory investigators in the Mind-Body Program and review their areas of research focus.

Science and Society Program
The interdisciplinary Science, Culture, and Society Minor is administered through the Graduate Institute of Liberal Arts (ILA) and its Interdisciplinary Studies in Culture and Society (IDS) program, through which students can also design their own major in Science & Society. The ILA also offers majors in American Studies and Medieval and Renaissance Studies, and a minor in Sustainability.

The Interfaith Health Program, School of Public Health
The Interfaith Health Program (IHP) builds and nurtures broad, rich, and deep networks for learning within and across health and faith systems-local, national, and global. As participants within these rich streams of knowledge and wisdom, we discover models, technologies, tools, and visions that strengthen the abilities of health and faith communities to make Shalom. We synthesize and share these discoveries and promote change through provocative writing, inspiring presentations, life-changing training, masterful facilitation, and landmark gatherings. We coach current and future leaders in the movement so that dynamic webs of influence form and spread. The IHP promotes vital learning at the intersecting boundaries where faith and health overlap, merge, and emerge transformed.

University Initiatives

Get Involved in Health

Emory has a number of structured initiatives that unite the University through a common goal to promote research related to health and well-being.

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Centers of Study

Get Involved in Health

Emory University is dedicated to providing spaces for multidisciplinary collaborations to advance the study of human health. 

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Emory University and Neighboring Institutions

Study Health in Atlanta

Through Emory, Atlanta offers numerous other educational opportunities to our students through neighboring institutions.

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Academic Tools for Success

Helping Students Excel

By helping students to access the plethora of tools provided through Emory University, our students can advance the science of health.

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